Dec. 25th, 2016

sunhawk16: (Lev hawk)
Christmas day, finally. Or as I fondly think of it; 'Day of forced socialization with people you'd rather not even admit you were related to'. Always a fun time... let's mix too much sugar with a touch of eggnog, toss in a bottle of wine, stir vigorously and pour over the top of mixed politics.
There is a button on my crafting bag that says 'I knit so I don't stab people'. Everybody thinks it's so funny... >_>

I wish for you a holiday without politics. Without resentment. Without debt. Without stress. Without too little time, and too many tasks.

I wish you peace and goodwill. I wish for all your dishes to come out perfect. I wish for you good health, good cheer, and that somewhere in there you get to see the magic of what Christmas was when we were all five and believed.

This year's Christmas fic is another that has been written for awhile and has been squirreled away. If you don't remember what came before, or just want a refresher of names, Amy has the lot of them archived under Godchild Universe here :

The spoilers and warnings )

And here is the fic, and the title pretty much says it all. Mei POV.

The Last Godchild )
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