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Christmas day, finally. Or as I fondly think of it; 'Day of forced socialization with people you'd rather not even admit you were related to'. Always a fun time... let's mix too much sugar with a touch of eggnog, toss in a bottle of wine, stir vigorously and pour over the top of mixed politics.
There is a button on my crafting bag that says 'I knit so I don't stab people'. Everybody thinks it's so funny... >_>

I wish for you a holiday without politics. Without resentment. Without debt. Without stress. Without too little time, and too many tasks.

I wish you peace and goodwill. I wish for all your dishes to come out perfect. I wish for you good health, good cheer, and that somewhere in there you get to see the magic of what Christmas was when we were all five and believed.

This year's Christmas fic is another that has been written for awhile and has been squirreled away. If you don't remember what came before, or just want a refresher of names, Amy has the lot of them archived under Godchild Universe here :

The spoilers and warnings )

And here is the fic, and the title pretty much says it all. Mei POV.

The Last Godchild )
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We bring you fun and whimsy. (Not that the angst is over, mind), but for Christmas Eve... there should be something cute and sweet and it's tradition even if it's a little bit different.
This is the first year not doing actual Christmas cards, and while it was a little bit weird not working with Silke again... we'd decided it was time to let the card tradition go. But... there still needed to be something for Christmas eve (and no, not just because I couldn't have filled one more day with fic if my life had depended on it... but it was a factor. *grin*), and [ profile] t_shirt1x2 stepped up to the plate and really came through for me. I was pretty darn late getting my butt in gear this year and instead of smacking me in the back of the head (as she rightly should have) and yelling "You want WHAT? HOW fast?!?" she just made me awesome art.
So now we shall share the awesome art...

xmax_2016_mandala duo_.jpg
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*whew* Wasn't sure LJ was going to load the page there for a bit! Not now, LJ... I'm almost done!
Tenth day... double digits; always kind of makes me go 'eeeep!' So much left still to do! Haven't even managed to get to the Post Office to pick up my cards and goodies! That's on the list for tomorrow morning. Then the wrapping... the cleaning...
These holidays off work would be SO much more awesome without the actual holiday part. >_>

This next ficlet is humor that is probably going to hit the mark or not. Some of you should find it amusing, but I hope it isn't going to leave the non-nerds blinking in confusion. No warnings, and we're just going to call it...

Go )
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We actually have new stuff. Written this very week! Which is going to do nothing what-so-ever except prove how rusty I am. *sigh* I tried to find the link to the original story that this is a sequel to, but... I can't figure out when I posted it. Oh! Duh! Wait.... (I can't believe I just wasted the last twenty minutes digging through my own journal. *facepalm* )
Here is the original, just for context...

For no reason that I can name at all, I was randomly inspired to write a sequel to something I think I wrote something like seven years ago. Still blaming this on [ profile] turnippatch
No warnings except stupid humor...

Veggie Tales II )
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Eighth? Seriously? It's the eighth day of Christmas already? Four more freaking days? Perhaps I should wrap a thing or two? Finish those cookies I'm going to have to have before the neighbors show up with THEIR gift? Maybe consider vacuuming the house? Clean out the fridge and go to the grocery??
Or... you know... work, like I'm supposed to be doing? >_>
I'm posting early today though, because of that scary banner that keeps threatening me with down-time this evening. Figured it would be my luck I'd come in to post and wouldn't be able to.

Now the eighth day belongs to [ profile] lavendarlizard and this is a scene from Blue Forest Banshee. (I came prepared with links this time! and the part can be found here : )
It's kind of festive... if you don't like Zechs. =D
Once again, art supplied by our wonderful [ profile] t_shirt1x2 Enjoy!

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We shall bring on the weird! I don't think I have any warnings for this one at all. Just something I wrote a long time ago that I'd intended to redo in a different direction... another thing that never happened. I should learn something from this, but probably won't. ^^;

Moonlight )
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Ok, this is the second of the pretty darn angsty fics. I'm just going to get it out of the way, so all that will be left (other that the 'three kleenix' Christmas day fic) will be weird and humor.
There is talk of past suicide here... not of any of the boys.

the spoilers if you want to know )

And here be the ficlet which is called (for reasons that will become obvious...)

Bagels )
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We have an angst free night! Because we have art! The fifth day used to be the annual pirate night, and though we've moved on from there, five still belongs to [ profile] merula31.
I totally cheated this year, and had her pick her own scene and was totally remiss in getting the link to the story. So I can't exactly jump out and yell 'Surprise!', but if you've been following this LJ for any time at all, you knew what was coming tonight anyway. ^__~
(ETA - got the link!
This is by our very own [ profile] t_shirt1x2 who I have worked to death this year. Pop on over to her LJ if you have a minute and leave some love.
Merry Christmas, Merula! =D
(Also... if anybody knows what the $#@!! is up with Photobucket and what the trick is to logging in there, that would be an awesome trick to know).

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Since you guys were so sweet and didn't string me up over yesterday's post, tonight I have something a little bit lighter, and in the Ion universe. Ion Vignette 11, I believe. I don't even think I have to deliver any warnings... well unless you are of the ursine persuasion... ^^;

Ion Vignette 11 )
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Ok, I'm going to get one of the ones I consider the angstyest out of the way. Nobody dies, but I still find it kinda depressing... with a 'but!'. Now lets see if I can do a double cut. I'm going to put an explanation behind a cut so if you don't want the ficlet spoiled you can come back to it later.

Here is the 'but'... )

And this cut would be the angsty ficlet itself.

Hush )
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Ok, a bit of drama, a touch of angst, a smidge of cliche all wrapped around an ending I was never sure about... which would be why this piece has been languishing in the WIP folder for *cough* maybe a year or two.
It has been living all this time with the temporary title of 'Junk Fic', and sitting here at 8:30 at night, nothing else is coming to mind, so it will have to do for now. This is just a stand alone story that is typical Sunhawk...

Here there be melodrama )
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This year, the twelve days are going to come with a disclaimer. Or warning. Or a skull and cross-bones.
Something, anyway. I do not have a ton of time to write any more, and it is very true what they say... 'Use it, or lose it'. Current writing is rusty as all get out. The WIP folder has a handful of ficbits that I've not posted because... well.. various reasons. Depressing... didn't like the ending... angsty... you name it (though I don't think there's a dialogue fic in the bunch!).

But not a lot of warm and fuzzy Christmas cheer.
So I'm back, and I'm trying this again this year, but your mileage may vary.

BUT! We are going to start out with something awesome before we bring on the angst... the final piece in the soon to be classic Stained Glass Window series done by our very own [ profile] t_shirt1x2

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A bit late for Thanksgiving, but who's counting?? Got the next part of the stained glass window series that [ profile] t_shirt1x2 is doing for me and here it is! Hope you're enjoying these, I think it's going to make a neat set when it's all done...

sunny_xmas gw_stained glass_q 2016_.jpg
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And here we are, the final version of [ profile] paikan's RayGunWorks anniversary pic (Steampunk) for 2016 by the talented (and shiny!) [ profile] p0rc .
Thank you m'dear for another beautiful piece! And happy anniversary to Dacia... may this tradition continue for many more years to come. ^________^
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But can't quite hang on to them. ^____^ I have the next in the Stained Glass Window series... Trowa, done by our own [ profile] t_shirt1x2
Who, I might add is open for commissions. See the details here :

I think this Stained Glass set is coming out pretty epic. Kind of reminds of the the heyday of the fandom when there was a lot more posting and sharing going on. Sort of wish I'd thought of the idea sooner! LOL
Anyway... enjoy! And toss some love to the artist. Thank you, M'dear!

 photo sunny_xmas gw_stained glass_t 2016__zpsfsyl3iml.jpg

It's July?

Jul. 23rd, 2016 08:42 pm
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How did it get to be July? Wasn't there a Christmas tree in the living room just minutes ago??
Let me put down the Pokemon Go game and perhaps time will stop zipping by so damn fast. >_>
It is that day, that I've lately been letting creep up on me...
Happy Anniversary [ profile] paikan!
RayGunWorks is another year older and we need to love on the webmistress, Dacia. ^______^
I even made this easy on myself by taking a poll last year and I had a ready-made theme for this year already! LOL Steampunk!
*offers up cake and ice cream and throws around streamers in an effort to hide the fact that the art is gonna be a little late* ^^;
Happy, happy, Dacia!


Apr. 17th, 2016 07:59 pm
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I'm not quite sure what to call this... a Christmas sequel? A Welcome Spring post? I was looking around for an appropriate holiday, but what the heck... a weekend is as good as an actual holiday, right?
If you were around last Christmas, you may remember the awesome Stained Glass piece I launched the Twelve Days with. Well, I really didn't want to wait another year before doing the next one, so [ profile] t_shirt1x2 obliged me, and we have the second in the series (head on over to her LJ; she's open for commissions!)
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Merry Christmas!
I wish you good health and good cheer.
I wish you warm fuzzies, and no stress.
Try to look past the commercialism and the glitter and find some real joy.
Whether you are celebrating Christmas, or Yule, or just the awesome full moon... enjoy!

Moving back to pick up the pair from Thanksgiving (we'll call it the Kitchen-verse since Duo spends so much time there. LOL ) I suppose we can call this Layers 2, if anybody needs a title, so I bring you...

Christmas 2015 )
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Christmas eve belongs to Silke aka [ profile] paperflower86, as usual. This has been a long and only slightly sordid tradition, started with Nutcrackers back in 2004, if memory serves. Twelve years? I think?
The fandom has changed a lot since then, and isn't quite what it was at it's height. We've done a whole lot of themes and even a series and, well... this is probably going to be the last year for Christmas cards.
We discussed it between us, and it just feels like it might be time.
And thank you, m'dear for putting up with some of my stranger ideas.... we had a good run.
Not to say that I'm walking away from the 12 days necessarily, but probably not sending cards next year, so this is likely the last of the Silke/Sunhawk Christmas art cards, so.... Happy eve of! Hope everyone is having a good holiday! :D

Christmas 2015 - Silke photo card2015_low_res_zpsqfm9jmz8.jpg
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Holy crap on a cracker! Tomorrow is Christmas eve?? How? HOW?! Winding out this little road trip with thanks to Googlemaps and Yahoo (things to see in Denver!) and hope you were at least a little bit entertained by the lameness of it all...

Coincidence 6 )
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