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This pair just likes being low key, apparently. No rushing that romance thing going on here! LOL

Coincidence 5 )
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And the eighth night is [ profile] lavendarlizard's... the promised cute to go with the angsty and the sexy. ^^;
Just a little holiday themed scene from the Blue Forest Banshee series
(Can be read here : ).
Duo took a bit of a wrong turn at Albuquerque and needed a bit of help to find his way home. :D
Another adorable piece by our own [ profile] t_shirt1x2 (Thank you, M'dear!)

Plaiddragon BFB Christmas 2015 - T_shirt photo Plaid BFB Christmas 2015_zpsmklrdbx1.jpg
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If we still typed on typewriters... the ink on this puppy would still be wet. >_>
But hey, at least we're not in Kansas anymore?? (Or the bathroom...*cough*)
And like any other vacation, some days are more interesting than others? *winning smile*
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to figure out what the heck comes next...

Coincidence 4 )
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Dang... half way there. o_O Where in the world does the time go? I kind of want to wax all philosophical here but... well, this part just doesn't really mesh with deep, seasonal philosophy, so we'll just skip that and go straight to the lame dialogue fic of the night...

Coincidence 3 )
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Oh, thank the great wombat! It's an art night!!!
Uh, I mean... we will be taking a short break from our riveting story arc for a brief (but utterly amazing) art post.
This is the traditional Merry shout-out to [ profile] merula31. This year's piece is by our own delcetible [ profile] p0rc both of who really should come and hang out with us more often. ^______^
This is from Merula's fabulous story Wolfen One that can be found here :

This turned into a wonderful art year.... angsty and sexy and cute! Feast your eyes on Hunter Duo and his awesome traveling companion. ^_______^

 photo WolfenOne 12172015_zpsjllzcnb6.jpg
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Ok, I tried hard to make this part of that 'Messing' universe from the first day, but these guys just don't want to be those guys and I give up. So this coincidence thing is just going to have to be stand-alone. This has not been a good muse year. Muse has been very uncooperative...

Coincidence 2 )
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Ok, so here's how this happened...

Self : Crap! It's like.... December! I need something to post!
Muse type inner voice : Yeah? Tough for you. I got nothin'.
Self : Ack! What? Come on, man! Gimme SOMEthing!!
Muse type inner voice : Uhm... inspire me.
Self : You suck.

So Self went on a quest for inspiration. Self quested across the internet far and wide and up and down and then Self ended up playing a round (or two or ten) of Spider Solitaire. Self won! Self looked at the score and added all the numbers up to a base number. This number happened to be five. Self felt this number should mean something.
So Self took the magic number five and wandered back out into the internet. Self went to favorite knitting site type forum place. Self went to favorite corner of favorite knitting site type forum place (the off-topic corner) and self counted down five posts and said 'Lo, and whatever the hell the topic of this post is... shall be my inspiration!'

And the topic turned out to be... Coincidence )
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Ok, just a tiny bit of actual content before I resort to the standard 'omg how am I gonna fill twelve days' dialogue series. This has been sitting around for a bit, because I sort of.... uhm.... forgot where I had intended to go when I started it (does this freakin' happen to anybody else??). >_> So, I ended up picking a direction and producing a little one-shot and the best I can say about it is... at least it's not a dialogue fic?? *winning smile*

Rituals )
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Wow, how time flies. I really did get started on this several months ago, and I still find I'm scrambling around getting the smoke and mirrors ready. I won't guarantee how entertaining I'll manage to be, but... I got out the blender and ran some words through it, and there will be posts. ^____^

However, before I bore you with all that junk, I've got something pretty awesome to launch the season with.
Got together with [ profile] t_shirt1x2 and we came up with something I think came out pretty special.
Completely work-safe; me and T_Shirt and Heero wish you a lovely holiday season....

 photo sunny_xmas gw_stained glass_h 2015_edit_8_zpssnxucxkh.jpg
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But what would the world be without traditions, right? And since the calendar says this is traditionally a holiday (at least for some of us) for which I have posted fic in the past, it sort of demands that something be posted, even if it's half baked (kinda like that turkey).

So yay, Thursday! I bring you fic-bit instead of pecan pie! And it's not even holiday themed. :D
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate; remember the point to the whole thing (hint: it's not the food coma), and otherwise enjoy the long weekend!

(Oh... and the interwebs tells me that Kai is the name of that guy in the fencing gear who got his ass handed to him in the series.)

Layers )


Nov. 1st, 2015 05:27 pm
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No, really, it still counts... right? It's the same weekend as Halloween, even if it's not the same month and all. Honest. >_>
So I come with fic and stuff even. Though I should just have titled it 'Dusty and Rusty' because the ol' LJ here hasn't seen much traffic lately, and my writing skills... well.... they could use a little traffic too.
It's true what Kate Wilhelm said.... use it or lose it.
But be that as it may, this is the most productive I've been since Christmas, and it's Halloween themed and everything, so by the Great Wombat Sensi in Wombat-land.... I'm posting it!
Not real sure where this came from, but it ended up being in the Holodeck 'verse, so we're just going to call it

Holodeck II )
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Ok, we have art already! *blows a kiss to [ profile] t_shirt1x2 *
This worked out pretty darn well! I had to do almost none of the actual work! ^o^
Perfectly work safe.... cute guys all dressed up! What could be better?
Happy Anniversary to Dacia! :D

RaYGunWorks 2015 photo gw_anniversary party_dacia 2015__zpsn89bzfsx.jpg
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Ok, I'm closing the poll.... it's been over a week. Every time I started to blow the whistle, I got another vote! *stares out into the dark internet* Forty-three votes!
(drum roll)

Ok, Anniversary Party has won with 19 votes
Steam Punk came in second with 13
Sherlock Theme came in third with 5

So there you have it! I know you guys were just holding your breath in anticipation! LOL
Now on to the actual art making!
Stay tuned! :D
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Ok... it's been a week, so I think we've gotten all the suggestions we're likely to get. So on to the poll... which I just set up this very minute using a utility I've never seen before in my life, so.... yeah... sure as hell hope this works. o_O
(Though, obviously, if Dacia happens by and casts a vote.... she trumps. :) )
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Guess what today is? That's right.... our Dacia's site anniversary. Twelve! The big 12! LOL
I wanted to launch this sooner, but kind of hard to keep a 'secret' on an open forum. So, instead we'll start *on* the anniversary and make it a party! Because, come on.... 12!!
Every year there is anniversary art, and every year there is much speculation on what the subject should be.
So I thought this year we'd try something a little bit different.... I'd ask you guys.
We're all fans of the site, and of Dacia's stories, so how about some proposals? Toss some ideas out here, suggest a scene.... something you know Dacia would like.
We'll compile the ideas and run a vote (unless Dacia would like to pop in and pick one? *grin*)
And then... art will happen! How's that for a win-win? :D
(All I ask is we not get too kinky with it...)
What say you? Any thoughts?
Let's toss some confetti around! ^____^
Happy Anniversary! [ profile] paikan
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Morning, flist! Happy 4th and all that stuff. Please to not be blowing anything up that should not be, in all the festivities. :)
Just popping on to post a link to a lovely little gift fic I got from the awesome [ profile] rurounitriv. A piece that is Ion inspired. Turning off comments here, but comments are more than welcome here : ;)

I don't think I said thank you, m'Dear.... so thank you! It's pretty cool to still be inspiring in some way, shape or form, despite half falling off the face of the internet. ^_____^
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Hey, we hit a fifth of the goal over at [ profile] t_shirt1x2 's fund raiser :
and I thought that was pretty awesome, and that fandom was pretty awesome, and maybe I could dig my typewriter out of the mothballs and see if it still worked.
So, milestone kind of reward here.... a little Ion Vignette. Number ten, I believe, if I haven't completely lost track (keep in mind, those of you keeping score, that Ion Crack fics don't count here!) Wufei POV.
Just a little thanks here for keeping the faith. You guys are the best...

Ion Vignette 10 )
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I have to start with a small apology for the lack of updates and posting and such. Still here, still reading and following along, and I do still have a WIP folder somewhere under the dust. Got some RL stuff of my own that has put a little bump in the road, but I have not 'left the fandom' or otherwise been abducted by aliens.
Hoping the writing ability is still there somewhere under the rust and I will get back to it one of these days.

However, I'm here about something else today. I know the fandom isn't quite what it was once upon a time, but I'm hoping there's still enough life left in us to sit up and take notice when one of our own needs a little bit of a hand. There's a talented lady who has done a lot of beautiful art over the years, and shared with us our geeky, fandom love. Things have been rough for awhile, and I know her well enough to know the edge is crumblin' or she wouldn't be askin'.

Harlan Ellison used to do this thing he called a Sea of Green. He'd ask every member of his audience to pull a dollar out of their pocket and wave it in the air. Then he'd collect those dollars for whatever cause.... and what'dya know... there would be the answer to somebody's problem. Can we manage a Sea of Fandomy Green?
And if there's no dollar in your pocket, can we get the word out? Spread the love?

Please go here and check it out...
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You know, there are a lot of us on here, with a whole lot of different jobs and experiences and I'm thinking there's probably some knowledge on this topic. Our own talented [ profile] t_shirt1x2 has launched a new business and is looking to get the word out there about it. You can see the post here :

If you have an interest in photography or restoration, or any thoughts to offer on advertising... stop on over and say hi.
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Christmas morning. Or Thursday. Or the 25th of December. This strange obligation dance we do, set to the music of a tradition that may not even be our own. It's like a juggernaut that two-steps to the jingle of the sound of coins. It really is a jaded old thing, and how do you bow out of the dance?
Make it less mindless this year... do a kindness because you care, not because it's what's expected. Give a gift that has meaning, and not just because it's required to give a gift. Break some tradition that's lost any meaning. Start some new tradition that has the spark of human kindness in it.

In the depth of winter, in the darkest part of the year, man made a bonfire to bolster his courage, to come together and share and look forward to the spring. Somehow the act of building the bonfire has become more important than the coming together and the sharing.
May your day, however and why ever you celebrate it, be about what it should be about... whatever that is for you. May it not be about stress, obligation, debt, and antagonism.

And I shall shut up now... that's my quota of philosophical crap for the entire year. On to the Christmas fic.
Something a little less humorous, touch of angst, a little actual substance, a dash of cliché, more darn present tense (why??) in Duo POV, and no damn title....

Christmas 2014 )
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