Dec. 18th, 2016

sunhawk16: (Lev hawk)
We have an angst free night! Because we have art! The fifth day used to be the annual pirate night, and though we've moved on from there, five still belongs to [ profile] merula31.
I totally cheated this year, and had her pick her own scene and was totally remiss in getting the link to the story. So I can't exactly jump out and yell 'Surprise!', but if you've been following this LJ for any time at all, you knew what was coming tonight anyway. ^__~
(ETA - got the link!
This is by our very own [ profile] t_shirt1x2 who I have worked to death this year. Pop on over to her LJ if you have a minute and leave some love.
Merry Christmas, Merula! =D
(Also... if anybody knows what the $#@!! is up with Photobucket and what the trick is to logging in there, that would be an awesome trick to know).

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