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We bring you fun and whimsy. (Not that the angst is over, mind), but for Christmas Eve... there should be something cute and sweet and it's tradition even if it's a little bit different.
This is the first year not doing actual Christmas cards, and while it was a little bit weird not working with Silke again... we'd decided it was time to let the card tradition go. But... there still needed to be something for Christmas eve (and no, not just because I couldn't have filled one more day with fic if my life had depended on it... but it was a factor. *grin*), and [ profile] t_shirt1x2 stepped up to the plate and really came through for me. I was pretty darn late getting my butt in gear this year and instead of smacking me in the back of the head (as she rightly should have) and yelling "You want WHAT? HOW fast?!?" she just made me awesome art.
So now we shall share the awesome art...

xmax_2016_mandala duo_.jpg
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