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Eighth? Seriously? It's the eighth day of Christmas already? Four more freaking days? Perhaps I should wrap a thing or two? Finish those cookies I'm going to have to have before the neighbors show up with THEIR gift? Maybe consider vacuuming the house? Clean out the fridge and go to the grocery??
Or... you know... work, like I'm supposed to be doing? >_>
I'm posting early today though, because of that scary banner that keeps threatening me with down-time this evening. Figured it would be my luck I'd come in to post and wouldn't be able to.

Now the eighth day belongs to [ profile] lavendarlizard and this is a scene from Blue Forest Banshee. (I came prepared with links this time! and the part can be found here : )
It's kind of festive... if you don't like Zechs. =D
Once again, art supplied by our wonderful [ profile] t_shirt1x2 Enjoy!

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