It's July?

Jul. 23rd, 2016 08:42 pm
sunhawk16: (Lev hawk)
[personal profile] sunhawk16
How did it get to be July? Wasn't there a Christmas tree in the living room just minutes ago??
Let me put down the Pokemon Go game and perhaps time will stop zipping by so damn fast. >_>
It is that day, that I've lately been letting creep up on me...
Happy Anniversary [ profile] paikan!
RayGunWorks is another year older and we need to love on the webmistress, Dacia. ^______^
I even made this easy on myself by taking a poll last year and I had a ready-made theme for this year already! LOL Steampunk!
*offers up cake and ice cream and throws around streamers in an effort to hide the fact that the art is gonna be a little late* ^^;
Happy, happy, Dacia!
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