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Christmas eve belongs to Silke aka [ profile] paperflower86, as usual. This has been a long and only slightly sordid tradition, started with Nutcrackers back in 2004, if memory serves. Twelve years? I think?
The fandom has changed a lot since then, and isn't quite what it was at it's height. We've done a whole lot of themes and even a series and, well... this is probably going to be the last year for Christmas cards.
We discussed it between us, and it just feels like it might be time.
And thank you, m'dear for putting up with some of my stranger ideas.... we had a good run.
Not to say that I'm walking away from the 12 days necessarily, but probably not sending cards next year, so this is likely the last of the Silke/Sunhawk Christmas art cards, so.... Happy eve of! Hope everyone is having a good holiday! :D

Christmas 2015 - Silke photo card2015_low_res_zpsqfm9jmz8.jpg
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